Automatically populating linked records

New Airtable user here, so this is a pretty basic question (and so hopefully a straightforward answer!), though I can’t find existing guidance in the forum.

Specifically, I’m having no luck creating a “Link to another record” column that automatically populates itself with those linked records.

The Project tracker template provides an example of exactly what I mean: the Task column is linked to the Tasks table and automatically fills with any new records that are added to the latter.

When I attempt to create a new “Link to another record” column with this functionality, however, it’s blank and stays blank (doesn’t pull in existing or newly created records from the Tasks table).

What am I missing? Do I also need to create an automation, app, or something else to do the work of pulling in the records? (I don’t see any such automation or app in the template though).

Any guidance extremely appreciated - thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Elizabeth_Murnane!

You have to manually link records in Airtable. There is no automatic linking in Airtable.

However, if you already have a set of records that you need to link, you can do a one-time-only linking of your records by converting a text field (in table #2) into a linked record field that links to records (in table #1). The values in your field in table #2 must IDENTICALLY MATCH THE PRIMARY FIELD VALUE in table #1, in order for the linking to occur.

You could also create an automation that helps you link records in the future, one record at-a-time.