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Toggl timer

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear community,

How wonderful would it be to have the functions of: in Airtable. I would love to be able to activate the current Airtable time tracker per project (start, pause and stop) in an interface and get reports per project, sum of all projects, per week, per month per year. 

And be able to manually override (because it occasionally happens that I am working on a project and forgot to set my toggle timer...).

I have been puzzling for over a month now with last time modified, duration, datetimediff and with the time tracker from Airtable, but I do not get the results that I want (which is basically the exact functions of Toggle). I did learn from the topics in the community, but this still does not bring be to what I really want. 

Is there anyone in the community that would love to have this function in Airtable as well, and do you have a clue how to build such a tool? I think everyone who would like to track time on projects would benefit greatly from this tool. Thanks in advance for thinking along!!

Kind regards,


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Hey Greetje, 
you can integrate Toggl with Airtable using Toggl API.

That way you could create time entries via Toggl's native mobile apps and keep your reporting in Airtable.

If you're looking for someone to build this please let me know!

Thanks Mariusz! This would solve my problem indeed and does not look all too difficult to achieve.

I am keeping the Airtable database closed to integrations and apps which are not from Airtable, this is because I need to learn more about data safety before I dare to share. If I want to integrate 

Kind regards,