Automation to add a time field

Hi All

I have a table that manages all projects in estimating

each record has a “Received Date” field and a “Due Date” field

these are manual field that each estimator has to fill out when when they receive a new project to bid on, and i have built some automation based on the due date.

New here my problems, since this is a manual field, sometimes estimator might forget to fill in the due date field, and then any associated triggers won’t work, so i want to create an automation that if the Due date field is left blank, it should automatically be filled in with a due date of one week from when the record was created.

i have tried to play around with the automation, but i couldn’t figure this one out how to generate a date of onw week from when the record was created…

This is my Table

Here is Part 1 of the Automation

Here is Part 2 (that’s where i’m stuck…)

Hi Sam, I think you might need another formula field (that you can hide from your users if you want) that calculates the default due date when the record is created. Then, if the automation trigger fires, you can set the due date field to that formula field.

However, looking at your trigger, it appears the automation fires right when the record is created no? If the status is empty and due date is empty, that trigger would fire. I could be missing something of course.

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you are right about the fact that it fired upon creation of the record, i guess i need to add a condition that it should only trigger IF [Date created] Is Before [Today] that give time for the person who creates the record to add a due date before the trigger.

thanks for the idea of adding another field, although i hate adding unnecessary fields

what i did instead, i created an automation to email the team if there’s no Due date and remind them to enter a due date!