Automation triggers based on time instead of date

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to use my Airtable as a social media scheduler, and I’ve got a date/time column for when I want the post to send to Twitter.

Does anyone know of a way to trigger automations based on the time of a column, as opposed to just the date? Right now if I use the trigger ‘when Date equals today’, all the automations fire at 12:00am instead of the corresponding time I put in the column.

Anyone know a way around this, so that if I set a date/time of Oct 31 at 8:00pm, the automation doesn’t actually fire until 8:00pm as opposed to right when it becomes Oct 31 (ie. 12:00am)?


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You need to create a formula field that compares your target date/time to NOW() with DATETIME_DIFF and changes value based on that difference. Note that NOW() is not update continuously so the trigger might not fire until a few minutes after the actual date/time.


Hi there, can you explain this a little more please? I’m having the same problem, but don’t understand what exact formula I should be using. Is it NOW(DATETIME_DIFF) and linking “DATETIME” to my publishing date field? And in the actual automation, should I add an additional condition? If so, what? Thanks!

@Children_s_Environme Welcome to the Airtable community!

I’m sorry that I don’t have time to give a more in depth explanation.
I recommend that you start small by experimenting with how NOW(), DATETIME_DIFF() and other functions work, both individually and together. You can read about them in the formula field reference.

Then I recommend you experiment with filtering views based on the formula fields until you understand how setup a view so that records will appear in the view when you want the automation to trigger.

After you have that setup, you can use the “when record meets conditions” automation with the same conditions as your filtered view.