Automation triggers based on time instead of date

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to use my Airtable as a social media scheduler, and I’ve got a date/time column for when I want the post to send to Twitter.

Does anyone know of a way to trigger automations based on the time of a column, as opposed to just the date? Right now if I use the trigger ‘when Date equals today’, all the automations fire at 12:00am instead of the corresponding time I put in the column.

Anyone know a way around this, so that if I set a date/time of Oct 31 at 8:00pm, the automation doesn’t actually fire until 8:00pm as opposed to right when it becomes Oct 31 (ie. 12:00am)?


You need to create a formula field that compares your target date/time to NOW() with DATETIME_DIFF and changes value based on that difference. Note that NOW() is not update continuously so the trigger might not fire until a few minutes after the actual date/time.

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