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A group of us (“auditors”) are conducting an audit of the features of 100 virtual events. The responses were gathered in a spreadsheet and I’m moving to AT. I’ve created my main table. The anchor column lists the individual event names (domopoluzza, Zoomtopia, AWS, etc.). A series of columns of checkboxes and multi or single selects and others accounts for the various event attributes (date, free/paid pay model, live/recorded, networking, number of sessions, and other virtual event features).

Then, for each event, we also have 10 qualitative questions that require written answers. In the current spreadsheet, each event has a separate tab. Column A lists the auditor’s name. The columns are the 10 questions. Each auditor then adds their responses to each of the questions. This current spreadsheet has 101 tabs - the summary of data on tab 1 and each of the individual events/qualitative questions on the remaining 100.

Here’s my question - how do I handle the 100 qualitative tabs? The same way? Or in AT a second tab again listing the events so I can group by event the multiple inputs from multiple people, or something else?

Thanks for the community’s assistance!

Hi @Barry_Seidenstat1 - I would go for something like this:

3 tables:


Events (with the features fields):

And Qualitative, which links an Auditor and an Event with the qualitative data:

The Qualitative table allows you to keep all of this data in a single table - no need for 100 new tables holding similar information. On Auditors and Events you can also add fields for relevant details, e.g. email address on Auditor, event date on Events and so on.

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Thanks! This will work for us.

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