Better handling of blank data when importing a CSV file

I’m experiencing an issue when importing a CSV file using the CSV import block.

The default behavior is that if one of the matched fields is blank on the CSV but filled-in on Airtable, the importing will remove the filled-in value and replace it with a blank.

I’m sure there cases where this behavior makes sense, but in all cases where I’ve used the import feature my CSV data is actually patchier than Airtable. For example, I often have a field that is filled-in in some cases, but not in others.

I want to incorporate the CSV data into Airtable, without removing any of the existing Airtable data. Is this possible?


I’m still interested in this feature. Is there any way to achieve this in Airtable?

Hey @Alex_Armstrong.

I’m also having this data, importing Stripe payments report and using charge_id as deduplication identifier.

But I use scripts to populate data from other sources, event-driven.
So when reimporting data with duplications i also want to avoid blank fields (if in imported data the field is blank, and in table not, - I want field be populated not with blank)

Airtable team, any updates on this?

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