Better way to manage notifications/comments?

Perhaps I am missing something, but I am trying to use the “notifications” list as a kind of inbox to go through all comments that are directed at me. The notifications dropdown (attached) is problematic in several ways for this:

  1. Multiple comments on the same item result in multiple notifications.
  2. I can’t mark notifications as “read” in bulk.
  3. The notifications don’t disappear from the list after they’ve been read.

Is there some setting or command I’m missing? Is there a better way of managing notifications? Is there a better way of doing what I’m trying to do?

Hi @Mark_Newman,

Yeah, I can see that as problematic. Like you, I haven’t seen a better way to manage through the Notifications menu, like you show. I have set up a different way of being notified, which worked better for my use case.

I created a separate view that shows all records that have been updated within a certain time period (mine was past 24 hrs). Then, I set up an automation to send me an email showing me all the records that were updated. The reason for the email is not everyday would see updated records, so no updates meant nothing to review. When updates did happen (and they tended to be similar to yours), I only got the list of records, with links, that were updated. That way, I could go to the record and see all updates. As for marking them reviewed, I set up a date field that only I could edit, where I put the latest date I reviewed. That allowed me to filter out records that I’ve already reviewed.

Hope that helps.

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Clever! Perhaps I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

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