Calculate Percentage using Total From Column


So I was able to write out a simple formula in a table to see what percentage of the people in that row participated out of the total number of people in the table, but I had to manually enter the total number of people - the formula looks like this - ({# of Participants}/433)*100
It works, but the issue is that every time we have more participants, I’ll need to update the 433 number. How can I get this to update automatically every time a new person is added to the total?



I guess it depends on where that 433 comes from. :wink:

Is that the number of records in the table, or is that a population number also included in the record (that is, does the record have a {# of Participants} field and a {Total People} field)? (If the former, I have to wonder a bit about your data model, since if each record = 1 person, {# of participants} should only equal either 0 or 1.)

If this is the same base as mentioned in your other post, I’ll take a look at this issue once you can provide a shared link to the base. If it’s a different base, I’ll need a link to it, as well.



That is where the number is coming from, from the sum at the bottom. There isn’t a {total people} field because this is counting from another table. Are the screenshots enough to help?


I have the same question. So bumping for response.


The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the old trick of linking every record in the table to a single record in another table — called, let’s say, [Calc]. In that single [Calc] record, define a rollup field that rolls up {# of Participants} with an aggregation function of SUM(values). Pull that value back to the main table using a lookup or rollup field.