Calculate tax based on Yes or no answer

I am trying to calculate tax in a column but I do not want tax to show up for all my items. I have seen that you can get this to calculate based on the Yes or no answer in the column before.

Can anyone give me some ideas on how to do this?

I am very new to airtable as well…

Hi @Kayla_Gorst,

Please show us the setup of your table to be able to help you. And yes, you can base IF formula on the Yes No answer in the previous field.


So I have the column (Tax included) I would like to be able to check this box Y/N. If checked Yes I would love it to calculate taxes in my tax column. - It is not letting me add an image for some reason…

Does something like this work?

{Pre-tax Amount} *
   {Tax included},

It assumes the amount being taxed is in a field called {Pre-tax Amount} (change to your field name), and if the checkbox field {Tax included} is checked, it will multiply that amount by 1.085, simulating an 8.5% tax. If the checkbox field {Tax included} is not checked, it will multiply that amount by 1, simulating no tax being added.

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