Calendar enhancements 📆

Hi all -

I hope your week is off to a great start.

I’m excited to share two new calendar enhancements that apply to both the view and the new interface element.

Cover images: similar to the gallery and kanban views, calendar will now support specifying an attachment field and rendering the first image in entries.

Customizable labels: similar to timeline and kanban views, calendar will also now support full customization of the fields displayed in entries, as well as their formatting

Additional resources:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

This will be fully rolled out today. If you don’t see the changes, please clear your cache.


Awesome and for me, a very timely update! Thank you for letting us know about the new features.

If I could throw in a few nice to haves:
Multirow records
Expanded cells to show all records in a day
Better printing to PDF
If a field is blank, show nothing instead of (empty…)


Does this resolve the “Empty” glitch that popped up couple of days ago? I’m guessing so…

This is great - thank you! I wish there was a checkbox to hide empty fields, rather than always listing “(empty)”

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Correct! You can hide those fields (or hide all fields) via the menu included in the screenshot above, which will resolve the empty status :slight_smile:

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Wow! These are gigantic and much-needed improvements to Calendar View!! :cowboy_hat_face: :raised_hands: :sparkles:

Yay!! Thank you!!! :grinning: :heart:

It would be cool if the very first view that opens up when clicking on a calendar event would either:

  1. Take us directly to the expanded view, or
  2. Show us a summary that mirrors the fields that we have selected in the new “Customize Labels” button.

You can hide any empty fields using the toggle (or you can hide all). I hope that helps!

Right, but I meant in the case where I want a calendar view to show a field on an item, if that field is not empty. If the field is empty, then I’d love for the field to show nothing, instead of “(empty)”.


Got it! I’ll pass this along to the team. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Good morning @Jordan_Scott1 and team!

Thanks for these updates and collecting feedback, this is the best! :grin:

I have a Calendar view in my gardening base where I’ve configured rolling planting/flowering seasons for plants. In testing these cover image/label options, my main feedback is I have no way to remove an annoying https:/dl.airtable link that appears when I enable photos.

And when I click on any calendar entry with a photo (via my base view, not an interface), I don’t see the image in the card;


Would it be possible to have the Calendar team review and hopefully add granular controls to hide image link and show the image in the card?

Would be keen on hearing if they’ve had any further thoughts to adding rolling date functionality to Airtable too. I have god-only-knows what formula, work-around columns, duplicating entry workarounds happening just so that I can see repeating dates (such as flowering season).

I agree that this expanded card interface needs to be completely rethought.

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Hi there,

You’re likely seeing the URL alongside your image because the attachment field is still toggled on under “Customize labels”. If you toggle the field label off, it will stop showing as text and the image will remain.

As for what shows in the expanded view, we’ll definitely think more about this but in the meantime you can click “Expand record” to get to the full view with all fields.


Unfortunately the useful Sidebar images are lost as well as the text when the images are toggled off.

I’m hoping for the ability to see all pictures everywhere in Calendar view (Cards, Dates and Sidebar) - but have the image URL text invisible.

Further details below;

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I agree with @Karlstens’ valuable feedback above.

Overall, these calendar changes are a wonderful & significant improvement, although there is still some room for improvement:

  1. I would really love to see text wrapping of event titles onto multiple lines, so that we can see the full title of an event at-a-glance.

  2. When viewing the list of records with dates in the right margin of the calendar view, it would be really nice if we could click on a record’s date and be taken to that particular date on the calendar. Currently, we have to manually scroll through the calendar to go to a specific date.

  3. On that note, it would be nice to be able to jump to any date that we want on the calendar without scrolling.

  4. Most countries’ calendar weeks start on Monday instead of Sunday. It would be nice to have this option. In fact, 80% of the countries around the world start their weeks on Monday or Tuesday instead of Sunday. The USA is one of the few countries that starts their weeks on Sundays.

  5. It would be great if this bug was fixed:

  1. As mentioned above by others, it is not necessary to display the word (empty) if a field is left blank.

  2. URLs should not display for attachments if those URLs won’t work in November. Although maybe these URLs will continue to work for collaborators, in which case this is fine.

  3. As mentioned above in other posts, improvements can be made to the first “expanded view” that you get taken to when clicking on an event.

But overall, these are relatively minor issues, and the new changes to the calendar view are absolutely fantastic! :grinning::raised_hands:

We’re almost at a 100% perfect calendar view now, and I am super grateful for that! :cowboy_hat_face::pray:


Great update!

Yes. I was expecting the “label orientation” function like the Timeline view has.

YES! So many data entry mistakes happen because of this.


The dropdown calendar for date & time fields also ignores other countries as well. The dropdown calendar always displays a USA calendar. :man_shrugging:t2:

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After testing this end I realise now hiding fields in the card also hides the labels on the calendar view, which is definitely not ideal for us. The two need to work independently please, or you end up with nothing on the card view but hidden fields.


Oh wow, I didn’t realize this. If it acts like this, this is a big dealbreaker.

Dan from Openside also had a great suggestion that is semi-unrelated to this huge dealbreaker:

Since the event titles don’t wrap text to show the full name of an event, we should at least get a tooltip that appears when we hover over the event that shows us the full titles.


Agreed on this. With a full calendar this could be incredibly helpful.


If the span.labelWithSeparator elements remove the white-space: nowrap; property, and make some adjustments to the when/where .truncate-block-#-lines classes get applied, then the Calendar views can achieve wrapping labels while keeping the event duration in view