Calling all Airtable + Zapier Experts!


Hey friends!

Jesse Parker from Zapier here. :slight_smile: I manage the Zapier Experts Program, where agencies and consultants who help automate client workflows, can become certified and join a community of other Experts as well as take advantage of exclusive resources and co-marketing opportunities. If you use Airtable and Zapier and are savvy with workflow automation, you may want to check this out!

Additionally, if you’re looking for help creating and automating large workflows with Airtable, we’ve got certified Experts around the world who can help:


Airtable Consultant Needed (Paid- retainer)
Expert needed for Zapier, Airtable, Wordpress REST API Custom Solution
Looking for an Airtable expert to help merge sales data from Excel
Need an Airtable expert to rebuild an agency base

As a certified Zapier expert ourselves, I concur :slight_smile:

If anyone is in need of assistance, we help companies big and small perform some amazing integrations with Airtable and Zapier.

Feel free to get in touch:


Hello! Is it possible to use airtable + zapier to find 1 email address (out of many) on a google calendar invite and match that to a record on the airtable people list?


Hi Ally, thanks for the question. This might be better suited as its own question under Ask the Community, but I’ll give some thoughts here as well. You can definitely look up a user in Airtable based on their email. To get the email from google calendar and pluck the 1 email out of many may be more difficult. It might require some code which is still possible in zapier but a bit more advanced.