Can a Calculation Ever Be Edited/Overridden in a Data Cell?

We’ve built a table to track and support our Corporate Events (webinars, seminars, etc.) I’m pulling in a data from a form, and using a Date Field titled “Event Date,” to calculate four dates on which we’d like to send out an e-mail sequence to get people to register for the event. Is there ever a way to change those calculated dates? At all? I know this flies in the face of why you’d do the calc in the first place, but the dates are often fluid and change.

If I were to do the calcs in a separate table, and then link to the results in another table, would they be editable?

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Ralph_Raiola - unfortunately, a field can’t be calculated and editable at the same time, so whenever I’m up against this sort of requirement, I add an override field:

You have your calculated date, an override date and then a “confirmed” date, which uses the formula:

IF({Event Date Override}, {Event Date Override}, {Event Date (formula)})

So, the confirmed date takes the formula date unless the override date is populated, in which case it takes the override date.


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You may be able to simplify Jonathan’s suggestion above by combining {Event Date (formula)} and {Confirmed Event Date}. Your formula would then be: IF({Event Date Override},{Event Date Override}, some sort of date calculation formula). As you have four dates you want to calculate, this method will result in 8 fields as opposed to 12.

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Thanks Jonathan and Kamille. I’ve started with Jonathan’s suggestion, as it was easier for me to get the syntax correct. I will try your approach, Kamille, once I have some time to sort everything out. Both replies are appreciated.