Can Airtable solve equations with variables?


I’m trying to figure out if AirTable can solve equations with unknown variables.

For instance, a break-even analysis based on data in the table.

(Revenue per unit ⨉ Units sold) − (Fixed costs + Cost per unit ⨉ Units sold) = 0

(200 ⨉ Units Sold) − (1000 + 100 ⨉ Units sold) = 0

Where Units sold is the unknown variable (“x”), and I would like to know the value of “x” where the equation returns 0 (break-even).

A normal equation solver would give:
(200x)−(1000+100x) = 0
x = 10

So, could I get “10” to display using an AirTable Formula?



As far as I know, there currently isn’t anything so sophisticated. But in case of a single variable, you can usually reduce the equation into a simple formula. In this case, you can get the desired result by restating the equation in terms of x = ?, which would be ={Fixed Costs}/({RevenuePU} - {CostPU})


Agreed. The question depends on whether or not it is a binomial equation, I think. There is no single variable equation for which you cannot isolate the variable. This is not so much an Airtable question as it is a math homework question. Airtable has all the basics that you would need without going to scientific calculator functions, but if you need regression analysis or something like that then Airtable is not the correct tool for the job, as it does not do graphing.


Depend on your technical proficiency, you may find it easier to set up an API call to perform the calculation using a different method (JS or Google Sheets).

Or a low-tech way is to set up a custom view that displays records where the {Calculation Result} field is empty, a sheet with the equation solver set up in Google Sheets, and then have Zapier action that monitors the custom view in AirTable, pushes any new records that appear over to Google Sheets, then pulls the result back to AirTable.