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When I am in a base and click the "Share" button in the top right, when I start typing a name under "Email invite", I get a bunch of auto-complete suggestions of people I don't know and aren't in my organization (some are from Gmail, some are from co...
What is the proposed idea/solution?When searching within a view, add a toggle to display only matching records / hide non-matching recordsHow does it solve user problems?Quickly surface matching records within a view to see results "at a glance" inst...
I'd like to see a formula function for looking up values in linked records, something like:LOOKUP({Linked Record field}, {Field in linked table})Basically, a two-criteria lookup similar to "INDEX MATCH MATCH" in Excel without needing to import all th...
Saw a new ARRAYSLICE function pop up in auto-complete today that isn't in the documentation. Anyone know where it came from? I suppose it allows for a less hack-y way to access individual items in a rollup, but I'm not sure what it provides in isolat...
I'm sharing a solution to a problem I had; hopefully this will help others. Note: you will need to be on a plan that includes Automations.When you try to reference information from a linked field in a primary field, Airtable will warn you of a circul...