Can table or field permissions be set through the API, or just through the GUI?

I don’t see anything in the Developer docs for Apps or Scripts which has the option of setting a table’s or field’s permissions.

There are methods to see if the table or user has permissions to make changes, but none to set them through the API as far as I can tell.

Use case: I have created an archive of a large base with many tables for posterity prior to deleting a bunch of data. I’d feel better with the archive copy locked down to prevent any modifications.

It would be great to be able to for-loop through the table’s and fields to lock them down in order to prevent record deletion, new record creation, and modification. Is there a way to do this programmatically or only through the GUI?

Currently this can only be done through the GUI. Fortunately, you can now make bulk edits to field permissions in the GUI. (Before you had to make changes one field at a time.)

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Oh, interesting… Are bulk field permission mods an Enterprise plan thing, or is this something afforded by a Pro plan?

Thanks @kuovonne!!


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