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Resolved! Multiple fields in script config

I am new to scripting & know that I dont know exactly what I am doing however I like to learn & am kind of learning on the job taking it 1 step at a time.When creating a script the following code will allow the user to choose which table & field they...

yiddy by 4 - Data Explorer
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OAuth 2.0: Incorrect Authorization Flow

Reproduction Steps:Generate the endpoint with the expected query string parameters specified in the authorization referenceOpen an incognito browser window (In my case I used Google Chrome 64-bit Version 87.0....

ashtontito_0-1671053889800.png ashtontito_1-1671053998155.png ashtontito_2-1671054099391.png ashtontito_3-1671054203463.png
ashtontito by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Duplicate Base via new API

Admittedly, I'm super new APIs in general, and I'm using ChatGPT to generate the code. So, if you're looking at it and you're like 'you and chatbot are wrong about everything and this can't be done', please let me know.Here is my use case:Imagine I a...

Joseph_Roza by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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AirTable Webhook Payload Retrieval

I am currently working with the Webhooks notifications ( to process record updates when a set of files/fields have changed. While I love the power and flexibility of the notification, especial...

SCS by 4 - Data Explorer
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New beta: REST API Upserts

Hi everyone! We’re excited to announce one of our newest features - REST API Upserts. You can now add an upsert option performUpsert to the Update records API endpoint, so that if a matching record is not found, it will create the record instead. Mor...

OAuth2 : Problem with /token request

 Hello,I created Oauth2 integrations on your website, and now I do the authentication request and then the token creation request, like described on your doc.The problem is that I can get the access token, but it doesn't work every time, it seems tha...

clicdata by 4 - Data Explorer
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API Offset Parameter

I’m trying to use an offset parameter in an API call in order to retrieve more than the first 100 records. I’m getting this error: {‘error’: {‘type’: ‘INVALID_OFFSET_VALUE’, ‘message’: “The value of offset ‘(record id)’ is invalid”}} Can anyone help ...

Can you scale up with Airtable? 5x/s limit

Hi all!Is it possible to scale with airtable? I'm looking for recommendations on how to get around airtable's 5x / second limit API call limit.  Looking for a tool that can queue up the requests for me and send them through under the threshhold. I am...

Pro-grammatically upload/create attachments

Greetings devs! First post here after doing a bit of googling to no avail… I’m looking for an example of how to upload a zip archive to an attachment field. In the documentation there is mention of attachment objects but no mention of how to create ...

UME_System by 4 - Data Explorer
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UNKNOWN_FIELD_NAME for field in table

Without any changes I recently started getting a 422 UNKNOWN_FIELD_NAME error for a field in my table. The field is available in the API docs ( Investor // Checkbox // boolean // This field is “true” when checked and otherwise empty.) My body looks l...

Colums out of order

When the data from the table is retrieved through the API, the field order (columns) don’t always come in in the same order that is in the view. For instance, if I have Column1, Column2, Coulmn3 in that order in the Airtable, it might come in with C...

Russell_Born by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Basic authentication for vidaxl api

Hello, anyone availeble to help with basic authentication for vidaxl api. I am trying to get products data but really struggling with the authentication // define the request urllet base_url = "";let authUser = "som...

Resolved! Formula filter based on record id

Hi. I,m trying to filter records using filter formula based on record_id. The field is not exists in the table, and we don't want to create formula field to have record ids explicitly. Is there a way to compose query formula to filter data by their r...

Feature request: Kafka Connector

Airtable is already a great way to give folks in our business the ability to edit a wide variety of datasets. With Interface Designer, we expect to move even more of our data into Airtable. But Airtable is just one piece within a large ecosystem of b...