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Resolved! Ability to save email attachments to Airtable

HiI would like to know the pros and cons of using Airtable scripting extension to save emails  sent to either a domain specific mail id (like "" ) or to a gmail account. I think there are some extensions in market place whic...

Henry_Tom by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! How to use Utilitites in airtable script

 var authHeader = "Basic " + Utilities.base64Encode(wordpressUsername + ":" + wordpressPassword); I am getting error at "Utilities"  saying"Cannot find name 'Utilities'"  . I need to send post to wordpress using it's rest api and Utilities is require...

saadat by 1 - Visitor
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Find previous record and update date

I am using Airtable as a finance base that enables us to create a financial forecast for the current year.  I want to be able to correctly predict all salaries that are going to be paid out.  All compensation changes for each employee are located in ...

Resolved! Uploading and downloading image files from airtable to S3

I have the following use case: I have images saved as attachments within a table. I need to automatically upload any newly created images via API (not Make or Zapier due to volume) to an 'Input' bucket on S3. From here the images are manipulated by a...

Edward1976 by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Auto-create forms by running a script in Airtable

I am building a platform using Airtable and Softr that allows teachers to auto-generate assessments, allow students to submit assessments, and auto-grade these assessments based on a specified marking guide and rubric. I have built the auto-generatio...

Jamie_Rood by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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How do I secure a lambda function called by AirTable

I have an automation that sends and receives data from a lambda function. I need some way to secure that function so that only calls from AirTable can get through. So, I don't want the end point for that API Gateway to be accessible from outside of A...

jfoxworth by 4 - Data Explorer
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Hi, in order to consent my bank service platform to receive api requests from airtable, I need to put on his whitelist the ip address from which API Requests comes.Reading documentation I found they should be and not work...

Resolved! Automation Script stuck on Pending

Hi,I've seen issues opened about this two months ago but we're experiencing this issue now.I tried leaving the script for an hour and the state doesn't change, though if I run a test of the automation, everything works. The status page shows there ar...

BarakHav_0-1682347229943.png BarakHav_1-1682347475866.png
BarakHav by 4 - Data Explorer
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Open Audio File Attachment URL in Python

Hello!I am trying to open an airtable attachment (m4a file) in Python but the attachment url does not have a filename. Thus, I am unable to open it. import requests base_id = base_id table_name = table_name url = "" + bas...

evanlord by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Field Permissions Behavior with Scripting App

Hello All,After discovering Airtable through a colleague in a similar area, my office has been using it to manage temporary staffing. Despite the trend towards (and admitted usefulness of) low-code and no-code third party solutions, I am lucky to hav...

Lookup & Copy Field With Script

Hey All,Here is what I'm trying to accomplish. Basically using Airtable as an estimating tool for construction. I've created a "catalog" of parts and services that I need to pull from the catalog into an estimate table. I've tried this several ways i...