Cant sort list of workspaces in the order I want

Small bug in the user interface: Can’t sort the list of workspaces in the left column (the list is under “Find Base and Workpace” field on the left). I try to drag up and down workspaces (dragging the name) but it refuses to stay where I drag it. The list is not alphabetical but I want to sort it in my own order. The 6 dots ::: show and allows dragging but the order goes back to previous order or the order becomes completely mixed up. The issue is same online (Chrome) as it is in the app (MacOS)

This is working fine for me, across all browsers. You should probably email so they can look into this issue for you.

OK ,so it’s just a Chrome based problem. I tried now do the same thing with Safari (MacOS) browser on the same machine and it works fine. Since both Chrome browser and the AirTable MacOS Applicatiom have same issue, the AirTable MacOS app must be just a Chrome based app in a chrome wrapper. OK so that explains it. I am surprised how well AirTable runs in Safari browser. Way better than in Chrome. Didn’t know. Thank you.

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