Changing Displayed Field in Calendar View


First of all, YAY for calendar view! Scheduling is what I primarily use Airtable for, so that helps me out a lot.

Secondly, will there be a way to change the field that is displayed in the calendar? I schedule inspections, and the ID field is just an auto number. This works great because it’ll never be duplicated, but in calendar view, I would like to see the address field of where the inspection is scheduled (not a unique descriptor and therefore not suitable for the ID field).

Is there a way to do this, or plans on allowing us to do this? Each inspection is unique but has tons of repeatable information included in it that can’t be used for the ID field, which is why I had chosen to use an autonumber instead. It would help me out immensely as right now Calendar view is pretty useless to me just seeing all random numbers and no good visuals unless I click around.


Changing Displayed Field in Calendar View and/or Display Value of Field

Exactly what I’m looking for - the key is displayed but I would like to display a different field on the calendar…


Personally, I would add another field called ID and set it to Auto Number and then use a Formula on the actual ID field to combine the Address info you need along with the Auto ID.

Ie: {address1} & " " & {address2} & “,” & {city} & “,” & {state} & “,” & {zip} & “-” & {AutoID}


This kind of works, but I’d like to be able to select what Field I want visible in the Calendar directly from a menu. And if this was added as a feature, the bg color of the field could be reflected on the calendar.


Hi there, i’m testing out Airtable as an option for my company. This feature would be a must for us. Any updates?