Changing Email address for form submissions


Sorry in advance…Newbie here.

I have created 2 forms for my client’s to fill out. Once they are filled out I need Airtable to send a confirmation email to another email, not mine. I do not see this option anywhere. The only way I see it being done is changing my email address on the account. Please help!



Maybe you could use Zapier or Integromat.


Did you ever figure this out? I am in the same pickle.


Hi Caroline, I was able to figure out that if the other collaborator toggles on their email on the bottom form from their end, and I toggle mine off, that they will get the email. Also, if both are toggled on both will receive the email. There is no way to send it to an email address that is not a collaborator. Good luck!


Thanks Cheryl for your response! This really helps.


You’re Welcome! Glad I could help, considering I’m pretty much still a newbie at this! :slight_smile: