Check whether URL exists


is there a way to check the validity of a URL from a record? I would consider a URL to be valid if it is reachable and does not lead to a 404 error.

Using Google I have seen examples as the following:

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', '', true);
request.onreadystatechange = function(){
    if (request.readyState === 4){
        if (request.status === 404) {  
            alert("Oh no, it does not exist!");

But apparently XMLHttpRequest() is not known in Airtable Scripting block.

Any hint would be appreciated!
Thanks, Stefan

Correct; try this approach… (set gcpURL to the endpoint)

// http get test
output.markdown('## HTTP GET Test');

let getOptions = {
    method: "get",
    headers: {
        'Accept'       : 'application/text',

const getResults = await fetch(gcpUrl, getOptions);

Hi @Bill.French,

thanks for your reply! I just tried it out (only replaced gcpUrl with my test domain ‘’ and now get the following error message on script execution:


Thanks, Stefan


This is unfortunate and the best advice is to start here to get a basic understanding of why CORS issues arise. In a nutshell, the response is an indication the server you are requesting content from is not entirely comfortable (security-wise) with such a request coming through something other than a browser (i.e., a javascript-based request).

One would think a GET request in javascript is no different than a web browser making the same request. But this is not the case; there are more complexities that arise as compare to a browser.

Backing up a bit - is your concern to test the URL …

  1. To be certain it is a web page that actually functions?
  2. To be certain that the URL is really a valid URL?
  3. To fetch data from the target URL?
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Thank you @Bill.French! Yes, this is unfortunate. I have tested the call with different URLs (e.g. also with Wikipedia) but I always got the CORS error.

Never mind - it is not a critical task and I can use other solutions outside of Airtable to solve that based on exported Airtable data. My intention was just to make sure that all URLs which I have in my DB are still valid, i.e. to be alerted if a URL is no longer existent, e.g. becuase it has moved to a different location. I don’t need to fetch any data from it.

Thanks, Stefan