Checking if a date range includes a day of the week

Hi all,

Trying to make an interface with a “maximum possible spend” for each project launch day. Projects launch twice a week and run from 2 days to 15 days. I need to find a way to ask the question “Is this project still running next Tuesday” and “is the project still running next Friday”.

Does anyone know where to start? I’ve tried a few things, I’ve tried lots of nested if statements, but I’m truly stumped.

EDIT: A better way of formatting the question is “Will this product still be available for purchase next Tuesday/Friday” as two separate columns with a true/false value.

Okay so I solved this one myself using multiple formulae.

I started with this. That let me calculate when next Tuesday/Friday is in a way that Airtable understands.

I then created the following formula:

IF({End Date} = BLANK(),"False",
IF(AND({Next Friday}>={Start Date},{Next Friday}<DATEADD({End Date},-1,"days")), 
"True", "False"))

Now I know whether an item is available Next Friday or Next Tuesday!

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