Collaboration Permissions and Pricing

Hello, I would like to use airtable for social media management and scheduling with someone else. It would just be between two people. Myself and another. For example,

Person 1 - Uploads attachments/documents/images/resources
Person 2 - Schedules and organizes the content for the week
Person 1 - Can review and enter (text/copy/“caption”) where needed, as well as leave notes revisons

Is a Pro plan needed for this? and if so, would BOTH of us need to pay for a pro account?

Thanks in advance, I’ve searched high and low for an answer for this, even watched a few videos, and I’m still not 100% confident that I understand.

You only need to pay for a Pro workspace if you want the Pro features, which are listed here:

Accounts are not upgraded; workspaces are. (Nobody would upgrade their account… you would only upgrade a workspace.)

If you do want the Pro features, then you would upgrade your workspace and you would be charged for each collaborator within that workspace. (The only collaborators that you wouldn’t pay for are read-only collaborators.)

So, I, Person 2 would pay $20 for the “pro” workspace, and for Person 1 to be able to enter additional info into an area, I would be charged an additional $20 a month, correct?

I’m looking at $40 dollars a month. Did I understand this correctly?

Right. Whomever owns the workspace is charged. So if person 2 owns the workspace, then person 2 would be charged $40 per month for both users.

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Understood. Thank you for your help!

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