Collecting Sensitive Data

I’d like to collect a sensitive ID number from my partners that I need for govt. reporting. I’d like to do this with a form view. (It’s not feasible to train partners to use 3rd party apps for encryption etc.) Some things I’m considering to increase security:

  • The table is in a special base with limited access.
  • The table includes 2 fields only, a customer number + the sensitive data field (no other identifying data is held in the same table/base)
  • Once submitted, I’ll store the data in a document offline somewhere and delete the record.

Are there other security concerns, features or user experience issues that I should consider?

Thanks for any help!

Keep in mind that anyone with even read-only access to the data will be able to instantly duplicate the base and steal the data in a matter of seconds. Deleted records can also be recovered from the trash, and snapshots may be taken periodically.

Also make sure that you protect your API key.

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