Completed records to move to a different table?

Is there any way of moving completed records to a different table so that I can remove finished jobs but still be able to access them for invoicing reasons?

A previous recommendation was to filter to exclude certain records but I can’t for the life of me see how to do this!


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I recommend you to use Views, so you can show/hide based on a Complete field:

Thank you. I will look into that.

Hi There,
I have the same issue as Celia.
I am trying to move an “Incomplete Project” to a “Completed Project” Tab or Grid.
Is there any way I can select the project and “move” to completed grid?

Instead of using two different tables to separate incomplete and completed projects, keep them all in the same table, but create a field(column) with either a checkbox to represent that a project is complete, or single select options to represent the status of a project.

Then, use Views and Filters to create Views that show you all incomplete projects only, or all completed projects only.

When you mark a project record(row) as complete (either by checking the box, or by switching the single select status, whichever you choose), it will automatically disappear from the view that shows incomplete projects (because it will be filtered out), and it will automatically appear in the view that shows completed projects (it will no longer be filtered out).

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