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I would like to reduce the number of key depressions in my database. I have a number of clients and we have a different pay structure for each of them. I need a formula that would work something like this; IF=Client [STR], “£15” IF=Client [PRH], “£12...
Hi, Very simple formula needed but drawing a blank as to how to do it. I need a column with a £value in it pre-populated when I create a record. i.e. =£10 I need it to be a £ as it will generate a forecasted figure… Thanks in advance Kate
Hi, I need to perform month end financial reports from my database. I have created a formula so that when I enter the date that the invoice has been paid this then turns it into “MONTH({Invoiced paid by client})”. I can then group this by month (1, 2...
Hi, Is there any way of wrapping the text in the header fields so that I don’t have to have such a wide column to fit the header in? In the example above I want to be able to see “Genre” rather than “Ge…” and “Proofer 1” instead of “Pro…” Thanks in ...
Is there any way of moving completed records to a different table so that I can remove finished jobs but still be able to access them for invoicing reasons? A previous recommendation was to filter to exclude certain records but I can’t for the life o...