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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have a field where I enter the date that I’ve raised an invoice. I would then like to see how much revenue I brought in say in June vs July. Do I have to add another field and manually add the month that I raised the invoice or can I input a snazzy formula to do the work for me?

Thanks in advance


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You can create a Formula field called Month for instance, and use the MONTH() function with your date. Check the docs:

Then you could Group by that field and compare the Sums. You also could create a Chat block if you have a Pro account:

Just thinking… you could also create another Table for the months, with the correspondent Linked Record field in the Invoices. Then you could add a Rollup field in that table to sum the invoices amounts. I think you should do this to be able to use the Chart block.

Thanks. I’ve just created the Month formula and it comes back with the corresponding number to the month i.e. 7 = July. I’m assuming I can’t change that to show July rather than 7?

This is exactly what I want to do but I have zero idea of how to create it! Any video tutorials of how to do this?!

Check the link, I think you can just format the date as you want.

A Rollup? It’s just a type of field: