Complex (for me) Structure question

OK, hope someone can help here:

I have a table names “ProdCo” - companies I’m following: In this table, I have a field named “Owner” - that links to a table - same name - where I put, among other things - email addresses:

I now want to target certain companies for a sales initiative. I made a “check box” field in “ProdCo.” table to tag these companies.

My question: How can I most efficiently generate a list of these Companies with their owners with their email addresses, I cannot for the life of me figger that out.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, Perry

You can use a Look Up field (in the ProdCo table) to pull the Owner’s email address through from the Owner’s table. You can then use a Filter to filter out those companies that you don’t want to target. You can also hide any fields that you don’t wish to see, so perhaps you only show the company name, the owner and the owner’s email address. You can then save this configuration as a View.

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Thank you, worked like a charm :raised_hands:t2: