Concatenate 2 Pictures field

I have two fields containing image attachements.

I want to join them in one, but when i try to do this it is printed as text and url…

any ideas?

Formulas can’t be used to combine the contents of multiple attachment fields. It may be possible to copy the attachments between fields with the help of Zapier or Integromat, but I’ve not done anything with either service involving attachments, so I couldn’t say for sure.

Is there a particular reason the attachments aren’t in a single field to begin with? Not trying to question your setup, just curious if there’s a way to optimize it so that attachments go directly into a single field instead of two.

I’m not copying data because users are sending data with forms.
I’m creating a database of projects, each user can update activity on their project by either creating a journal entry, of a reservation (for a machine). Journal/ Reservation forms have both a picture field (attachement field) and i wish to combine them in one field when i present the content of the project.

Gotcha. Because you’ve been trying to copy between two attachment fields, it sounds like both forms are already coming from the same table. In that case, one way to address that is to have both forms use the same attachment field, rather than a separate attachment field for each form. That way one field has all pictures for both journal entries and reservations.

The two forms are separated and i retrieve the pictures from the forms of other tables.

In that case you’ll probably need to use an external service like Zapier or Integromat to do the copying. I just ran a test in Integromat copying an attachment between two different bases, and it worked fine. You could probably set up a scenario that runs daily and copies any uncopied images.