Convert a number into a Rating


I put a rating field in one table so users can define the advancement of their projects.
I know how use another form, in order for them to set their advancement and for me to retrieve the lastest advancement (using this technique Select latest string separated by comma)
but the only thing is that i can retrieve is a number, and then i cannot translate this number back into a Rating field type.
Any idea if this can be a feature?



Hi @DanielAssayag - I don’t think you can do this directly. The Rating field type does not have any inputs or dependencies and so is completely standalone and cannot be based on another field. (Aside - when you convert a rating field to a number field, the data conversion works, i.e. a 5-star rating converts to integer 5, so presumably, Airtable is storing this as a number and displaying as a star).

Workaround for this is to use the REPT formula:

REPT(“:star:”, {Numerical Rating})

Using an emoji for the rating star symbol.


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@JonathanBowen’s method is easily the most elegant solution.

If you have a need to convert a number to a rating field that can then be modified as a rating, your only approach is to copy the numeric value into the rating field. Manually this can be done for every record in a table with a few keystrokes: click the header for the numeric (formula) field, press Ctrl-C to copy, clock the header for the rating field, press Ctrl-V to paste. Unfortunately, the current version of the API does not support column-level actions, so a Zapier or Integromat integration would be limited to a record-by-record copy…