Could I move from Things 3 to Airtable?

Can Airtable be made to work like a task manager? I currently use Things 3 as my daily list of tasks to be done that I then ‘tick off’ to clear them from my list. Can Airtable function like this?

I’ve been playing with it today and have set up basic stuff, but can’t find any way to create a sort of to do list like my Today view in Things whereby when I tick a task to complete it, it disappears from my Today view (and is stored in the log).

Welcome to the community, @BeauJayce_BeauJayce!

Yes, of course, Airtable would be a perfect replacement for Things 3 — and it can do sooo much more than Things, too!

You can create a “filter” on your view so that it doesn’t show you completed records.

You can also create different views — each view with a different filter, so each view will show you different records.

You can learn more about filters here:

Welcome to the community, @BeauJayce_BeauJayce! :smiley: I’ve got a pretty detailed task manager that I created in Airtable. I might publish it eventually, but I keep tweaking the thing as I continue to learn more about how I best deal with tasks and project planning. :slight_smile: That’s what I like about using Airtable for this: I can customize the system so that it suits my needs, rather than accepting someone else’s idea of how task planning should work.

Here’s a demo of the system that I did for the BuiltOnAir podcast (recorded back in April, published about a month ago). It’s changed a bit since then, but most of the core is still the same.

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