Create field in a table to show each record's URL

I would like to have a field in my table that shows the URL for each of the records so that this can easily be added to an email in a mail merge. I realize that I can copy the URL for any record and then paste it into the URL field that has been to the table, but there must be a simple way to just display the record URL.
Thanks, Mike Morse

Hi there! You can accomplish this using a formula :slight_smile:

Copy the URL of a record, then add a new formula field. Paste the URL into the formula builder and delete the last part of the URL, beginning with β€œrec…”. This is the Record ID of the specific record you copied the URL from. The rest of the URL is built up of your base, table, and (sometimes) view IDs.

Put the remaining URL in quotes, and append it with β€œ& RECORD_ID()”. Your final formula should look something like this:

"" & RECORD_ID()

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the answer. Worked great once I figured out that I had to remove the / before the &.

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