Creating a formula based on a single select field


I want to create a field that will change based on the results of a single select field.

For example, my single select options are [1, 2, 3, 4]. In another field I want to report options [A, B, C, D]. I want to choose A if the next column is 1, B if the single select option is 2, C if the single select option is 3, etc.


This second field would need to be a formula. You could use something like this:
SWITCH({Single Select Field Name}, '1', 'Option A', '2', 'Option B', '3', 'Option C', '4', Option D')

A SWITCH() formula like the one above tests one input value against a defined set of possible values, then reports one outcome depending on which value matches the input.


Thanks! I tried this with a single entry and it worked, however when I scaled it up I get an error message and am told that its not a valid formula.

This is what I entered.

SWITCH( {Umbrella Elective}, “Discovering the Arts (for 1 elective)”, 100, “Discovering the Arts (for 2 electives)”, 100, “Exploring the World Around Us (for 1 elective)”, 200, “Exploring the World Around Us (for 2 electives)”, 200, “Health and Physical Education (for 1 elective)”, 300, “Health and Physical Education (for 2 electives)”, 300, “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) (for 1 elective)”, 400, “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) (for 2 Electives)”, 400, “World Languages and Cultures (for 1 elective)”, 500, “World Languages and Cultures (for 2 electives)”, 500, 0)

The error was due to the quotation marks being in the wrong font.

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