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iCal calendar view export issue?

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Anyone else having an issue with their shared calendar views? I’ve had a subscription to a calendar view in Fantastical for years that has worked fine, but it stopped functioning about two days ago. Tried deleting and re-adding it to Fantastical, but it says the calendar data isn’t value. Tried in MacOS Calendar too, and same error.

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Unfortunately I have the same problem since yesterday. My subscription to the airtable calendar no longer works on google agenda, framagenda or thunderbird. The data no longer updates and if I delete the calendar to reinstall it, it is not recognized.

Be sure to open a support ticket with about this, and post back here with what they say.

I received an email back from them with a pro-forma response saying they’re aware of the issue and working on a solution. So apparently it’s widespread. Thanks!

I am having the same issue. The issue first arose last week, and Air Table fixed it. Now it has happened again. Hoping for a quick fix. This needs to be reliable.

Same here - worked fine for a few days, now it’s happening again. Sheesh.

Agreed, please fix this! Not only is it not updating, it completely removes the events, so it’s just 100% broken. It’s eroding trust in your product, and we’re not paying to test the updates that get pushed out.

I totally agree 1,000% with your sentiments, but sadly & frustratingly, Airtable employees don’t interact with us here in the forums. It’s just your fellow Airtable users here. Be sure to send an email to about this.

I know, another frustration :-). Mostly just venting; I did submit a report, and the vague form response from them doesn’t help. Hopefully this doesn’t keep happening.

I pushed a bit and a was told a fix will be in place on Monday.

Have you heard any update on this?

It seems to be fixed.

(for now)

Annnnnd it’s doing it again. This is getting REALLY old.

Yes, it broke for me as well.

broke for me as well !

I’m having the same issue.

Mine just started working again.