Custom Print Formatting of Airtable View


Here’s my problem: I need to periodically print NICE-LOOKING reports from Airtable data, displaying dozens of records on a single page, in spreadsheet form. The standard “Print View” action doesn’t provide enough control (formatting of text, sizing of columns, custom headers & footers, etc). The new Print Layout Designer is a wonderful tool, but it only allows for one record per page.

The best option I’ve found so far is to copy-and-paste data from a given Airtable View into a Google Sheets worksheet. This gives me most of the formatting options I want, but it’s just really cumbersome to do this over and over, and I’m worried about the potential for human error. So, I’d love an automated way of doing this.

Zapier has a similar integration (, but this doesn’t work for me, because it only sends NEW records to the sheet. If values change in an existing record (which mine do constantly… it’s exactly what we’re tracking!), the Zapier solution is worthless to me. I understand this is a limitation of the Airtable API, not Zapier.

Does anyone have a solution/idea/product/etc to automatically send ALL data (not just new records) from an Airtable view to Google Sheets or a similar app that gives me robust formatting control? Or even better, a means of converting airtable data into a custom printable format? Or anything else that would solve my problem?


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For more detail, this is roughly what I’m trying to do.

First, take a table like this:

… and then (at the push of a button) generate a printable document like this:

Note that in the print version, I’ve added a title, today’s date, page numbers, row numbers, a “notes” column, and a couple of conditional formatting rules (color-coding the “task with” column, and highlighting past-due dates in red).

Maybe this can be done with a script that pushes the data into an app like Google Sheets. Or maybe it can be done with a modification of Airtable’s Print View command. Or maybe it can be done with html or some kind of PDF generator app. Open to all ideas.


I’m having exactly the same issue. I’m really surprised to hear the Print Designer isn’t going to allow printing in this kind of fashion! For all of AirTable’s loveliness, this is a real sticking point when recommending this product to a client.

Did you get anywhere in finding a neat solution?


Hey Mike. Long story short: I haven’t built anything yet. But I have determined that (with the requisite skills) it IS possible use Airtable’s API to populate data in a web page, and format that for any number of needs. Will probably need a professional developer to help, though.

Here’s one cool example:

And here’s more from a related post:


I have the same exact type of need, as I’m sure others do. The Airtable print function is rudimentary and so un-Airtable-like (not being beautiful.) . I need headers (data pulled from a different table preferably), NO lines, etc. Basically, almost exactly what I’m looking at on the screen, I want to print. I’ve been fiddling with export (don’t like Zapier, won’t use it), and page designer (cumbersome and everything comes out double-spaced, and I will have to recreate it for each new table (which is its own checklist that will need to be printed, and I go through about 20 a month.) Airtable, help! Please create decent print options.


So, I have managed to use the api to make a webpage in PHP, which can do most of what I’m after. I’m not much of a developer, but it didn’t take too long (<half a day). It’s radically more cumbersome than it would be if it was native, but it’ll do for my needs right now.


I am setting up member information facilities for a couple of local community groups who are unlikely to pay to upgrade and get access to any print formatting tools so maybe a quick and simple solution for the likes of me would be to reformat (for example) the new data entry email which at the moment looks like this ;


Middle Names



3 February 1944

and make it look like this

Forename : Richard
Middle Names : John
Surname : CXXXXX
Gender : Male
DOB : 3 February XXXX

Still not ideal but it would take far less paper than the current layout.