Daily records for log in and out of Airtable

I need to create a base to daily record the time and date that the Airtable app is open or closed and associate that with the user.
I need to record at what time the user opened up Airtable and closed it.
It would need some kind of trigger that automatic creates a record, populating “created time” and “created by”. And then using some kind of “NOW()” formula to keep updating until Airtable is disconnected - then it would save the last hour “recorded”.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance

Yep - did this for two clients using two different approaches.

Analytics from Google Workspaces

  • Using the Sites feature in Workspaces, enforce a policy that requires users to access Airtable via a specific Intranet web page.
  • Track the activity using Workspaces login data to the clicks in the Airtable access point.
  • Roll this data up into an analytics base using the API and Google Apps Script.

Analytics from a Custom App

  • Create a custom app that all Airtable users install.
  • Ideally, such app contains important information of features needed to do their work.
  • Use the Airtable SDK features (such as useSession) to monitor everything the user is doing.
  • Write desired analytics to a table or ideally, not where any user can see the data (i.e., a web service or other base).

Using the first approach requires the team is on Google Workspaces. The second approach even allows us to compute certain productivity metrics by user.

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