DATETIME_FORMAT returning wrong day of week

I have {Date} in one column and am trying to list the corresponding day of the week in another column using the following formula:

DATETIME_FORMAT({Date}, “dddd”)

For most of my records, the correct day of the week is returned. However, I have at least one record that is returning the wrong date. December 7, 2019 is a Saturday according the the calendar but AirTable is calculating the day of the week as Sunday.

Very strange. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

Just realized that time of day set in {Date} is populating other places as +5h. Timezone issue?

Welcome to the community, @Paul_Miller! :smiley: Very possibly a timezone issue, which could be fixed by using the SET_TIMEZONE() function in conjunction with DATETIME_FORMAT(). In your case, the formula would become:

DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Date}, "America/Chicago"), "dddd")

Replace “America/Chicago” with the proper timezone from this list:

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Thank you so much. This was it exactly.

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