Default view setting from personal to collaborative

Hi all,

We are on the Pro plan, which seems to default duplicated views to personal even if they were originally collaborative. We mainly use Airtable for grid views, though I’m not sure that has anything to do with the issue. I have searched high and low for a setting or option to NOT do this, as we would prefer duplicated collaborative views to stay collaborative, and not have to manually change it each time.

Any ideas?

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It’s super super annoying and there is no way to change it. Airtable likes to make a LOT of false assumptions about how people want to use Airtable. I can only recommend sending an email to and ask them to please change this behavior back to how it used to be, but Airtable historically has never made any changes to their product based on user feedback. They have historically ignored their customers’ voices.

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Thanks for the advice, @ScottWorld! Yes, it is very annoying and while we can still change it manually I don’t see why there isn’t an option to customize defaults for our purposes especially if we are paying for a Pro plan. I will email support but not get my hopes up as you said.

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