Does anyone have an analytics solution for tracking/counting individual attachment downloads and external link clicks?

I am looking for an analytics solution for tracking link clicks and counting attachment downloads from embedded airtable views. Is there a good solution out there for this already? I’m having trouble finding a good resource for this. I have several solutions but they’re rather labor intensive and I’m hoping this can just happen automatically after initial setup.

User clicks external link from embedded airtable record on website> +1 count in analytics for that link click.

I am about to go test this, but does anyone know if you can use a google events to track link clicks in airtable?

I did this for one client a while back but the analytics had to be (a) real-time) and (b) updated into Airtable itself - basic design:

  1. Create a web service that serves as a proxy for attachment downloads.
  2. Publish the link to each attachment using the proxy address and the ID of the attachment (do not publish the direct attachment link).
  3. User clicks the proxy link, web service provides the file.
  4. Proxy service also updates the analytics table to record the file download, date, time, table it was requested from, etc.

Did it all in Google Apps Script more than 18 months ago; running perfect, no failures; tracked 17,800 downloads so far across 11 tables in a corporate portal site. We also know who downloaded because of the G-Suite portal. This approach would work fine in a public site context but you wouldn’t have the identity of the file requester.

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