Duration to manage timecode

Hi all, I guess some have already asked this but I still don’t understand if it’s possible? ( noob here )

Is there any way ( right now ) to convert a “text” field with timecode information HH:MM:SS:FF to a “duration” field?
I want so much to use the “Video Snippets” to jump correctly to a timecode for translation.

Any help would be amazing!

/ Viktor

Assuming your data is in that correct format, you should be able to either convert that field directly to a Duration or copy and paste the whole column into a Duration field. Airtable (should) recognize where you’ve placed the colons, assuming you chose the correct Duration field formatting options (hh:mm:ss.ss). You may run into trouble since you seem to be separating the fractional second with a colon, whereas Airtable expects a period.

Thanks for your answer! is there a easy formula to change the imported timecode?

here is how it looks

00:00:01:00 00:00:05:23
00:00:23:21 00:00:27:19
00:00:27:21 00:00:31:08
00:00:32:00 00:00:33:15
00:00:34:06 00:00:36:03

and so on, i get the timecodes like this from clients.
would be nice just to copy paste and it works =)

As mentioned, Airtable expects fractional seconds to be separated by a period, not a colon. Consider using a formula that replaces the last colon with a period. A formula for that could be:

REGEX_REPLACE({In-Timecode}, "(\\:)(\\d*)\\z", ".$2")
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Thank you! it works =) now I only have one more question.

Can I automatically get the new formula to auto copy to a new duration field?

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Also AirTable N00b - can someone pls advise how to then take this converted Timecode and have the duration displayed in a new column?