Field validation

Is there a way to put edit-checks or validations on a field? I’d like to restrict the range of numeric values that can be input to a numeric field.

Unfortunately, no – there is no real field validation mechanism in Airtable.

A workaround you could use (inelegant as it may be) would be to place a formula field right next to the numeric input field that throws up a red stop sign emoji if the input is outside of the range – it at least serves as a visual indicator that an invalid input was entered.

Suppose you call the formula field “Invalid”, and give it this formula:

      {Numeric Input Field} < 0,
      {Numeric Input Field} > 1.0

You can then squish that field down to the smallest width that still shows your emoji, and it will just flag you that a value outside your accepted range has been entered in that field.

It’s better than nothing 🤷🏻‍♂️


Thanks. At least the answer is unambiguous and I understand how I could implement the suggested workaround. I’ll have to decide if it’s worthwhile for this particular instance but it’s a good approach that I may have use for in the future as well.

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