Fill a Link Record based on an other field

  1. I have a PLACES table with an address (string) field
  2. I have a GPS table with an address (string) field and a Link to PLACE

How can I set the PLACE fileld according to the address ?

I can do it in NodeJS

  • Caching all the PLACES
  • Then finding the matching address

But would be better to use a kind of “reverse rollup”

Outside of using an API-based tool (whether hand coded, or an existing third-party tool like Zapier or Integromat), link fields can only be set manually. In that case, your NodeJS option is probably the best way to go.

Now, there is a way to build a “dictionary” of sorts and look up specific data based on other data, but it’s a slightly convoluted setup, and the end result is just plain text. It can’t be a link.

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