Filter unique records in a field and populate into a new table

Hey all!

I have a brand new base with some data that I imported in a CSV. It created a table called Classic Rock Songs (which is as awesome as it sounds) and populated records into 3 fields:

  • Song + Artist
  • Song
  • Artist

Each artist can have multiple songs (or at least the ones that were’t one-hit-wonders!), and I want to create a second table that:

  1. Lists all unique artists from the Classic Rock Songs table into the Artists table
  2. Links the records so that all songs for each artists show up in the Artists table

I’m basically struggling with the first step above, and how to create a new table with unique artists.

Appreciate any ideas… rock on! :guitar:

Convert your existing Artist field into a Link To Another Record field, pointing at the Artists table.

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Thank you! That is very obvious now that you have explained it, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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