Filtered linking not working correctly

I am having issues showing only certain records from a different table.

Table A: Pets
Table B: Medications (2 views: all medications & active medications)
Active Medications view is filtered to where ‘Currently Taking?’ is checked. I successfully cannot see unchecked records in this view.

In Table Pets, I have created a Link to Table Medications. I have allowed linking to multiple records. Record selection is limited to ‘Active Medications’ view. They are all grid views. In Table Pets, it lists all medications, not just the ones marked active.

I have looked at: support.airtable. com/hc/en-us/articles/206452848#limit-selection
I see the notice in the Medications filter that it is linked.

I tried to look at if it is possible with a formula since this didn’t seem to be working for me.

What am I doing wrong?

The option to limit record selection to a certain view is only for when you are adding new linked records… it’s not for filtering your view.

It seems like you made the right decision to do the filtering from your Medications table instead of your Pets table. From within the Medications table, how about grouping or sorting your filtered records by Pet Name to get the results you’re looking for there? (If you don’t see the pet name in your Medications table, you can add it by adding a lookup field.)

Darn. I was hoping it was just my own error. The info is organized in Medications table by using a filter to only see which ones are active. I just wish that transferred over to the Pets table since I want the Pets table to be the ‘master’ table that holds only relevant information based on filters. Right now, it can link to all information. I was hoping for the Vet Visits table to have all info, but Pets table only show… say all visits in the past year, rather than it getting to be a super large cell of vet visits from 7 years ago (example). Not a big deal in this base… But this is my practice to eventually managing my freelance work with Airtable. So, organizing and seeing everything at a glance is important to my ‘if I can’t see it it doesn’t exist’ brain.

If what I’m asking for doesn’t exist yet. I put my vote in for it. I’m still learning what I need and how to best organize it. Just need more practice.

Thanks for letting me know I’m using something incorrectly and just wished it to be the thing I wanted. It’s filtering… but not filtering the way I want it to.

You should be able to do that, by adding a lookup field in your Pets table that looks up the value of that field from Medications. Then, filter on the lookup field. com/file/d/1W1wbHl5R7LSlzvluGdwwovWxENDV7Is2/view?usp=sharing com/file/d/1fJGhC2CP_VnVgHOVZhzfk0M5JMwwh_yP/view?usp=sharing
(space is between google. and com because I cannot add pictures or links)

Added the lookup to see if its currently being taken. Filtering wouldn’t work in this instance. At least not how I have it set up.

I’m looking to filter the Animax out of Pets Table, since I want that to be more of ‘here’s what they’re actively taking,’ rather than just all medications.

Filtering works well when it’s only in one table, but not when you have to cross tables. I thought maybe a formula would work that would essentially say ‘if medication is currently being taken, show the medication name on the pets table’ but glancing around hasn’t yielded me any results.

Yes, you can do that. In the medications table, just create a formula field that displays the name of the medication if it’s being taken. Then, back in the pets table, just add a lookup field that shows that new formula field. Then you can filter on that field.

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It worked! I didn’t need to filter on the field at all.

For anyone else, here is what I did:
Medications Table:
New field > customize field type (named Active Med Pet Table)> formula
IF({Currently Taking?}, Name, “”)
Currently Taking? is checkbox field type. If it is checked, that means its true and submits Name. For unchecked, it returns a blank cell.

In Pets Table:
New field > customize field type > lookup >medications > Active Med Pet Table

I now only see the active medications for each pet.

It requires that I have a linked field between Medications & Pets so that it knows which pets take which medications. This field is hidden in Pets table to keep it clean because I want to only see which medications are active, not necessarily all medications ever used. My goal is to make the Pets table an overview table so I can see all important things at a glance, rather than having, say, upcoming vet visits hidden on a tab not immediately in sight.

You’re welcome! Glad I was able to talk you through the solution! :slight_smile:

As a heads-up for future reference, you can omit the ending empty string. An IF function defaults to returning a blank value (or 0 if numeric) if nothing is specified for that second value:

IF({Currently Taking?}, Name)