Find a duplicate link in a lookup field

First time posting, so sorry if this is categorized wrong. I’ve spent a long time digging through archives here and don’t think I’ve found a solution yet.

I have an online store selling national park tokens that has a membership. When you become a member, you get access to all 63 np tokens, and you can order however many of them at anytime you want (they become $0). But you only get 1 of each. Technically in my store, there’s no way for me to control if someone accidentally (or on purpose) orders more than 1 of a certain kind, whether that’s in the same order or a month later. There’s no, “hey you already ordered this one.” What will happen is, we just won’t send that duplicate token with their order. So basically I only need to see what duplicates there are, and I thought Airtable could help.

I have Zapier setup to import each order into Orders and it will list out each token they purchased, and the buyer becomes a Member.

For the time being I have a dumb quick fix, where you can see on the Member table I just set it to show a :exclamation:if the number of {Total Tokens} > 63. But if there’s duplicates in that Total Tokens field, you have to manually go through and try to figure out which duplicates there are. I’m looking for a formula that will just spit out which links are duplicates. I don’t need it to delete them, or move them, or anything else. I just need it to list them. Is this possible?

Haven’t seen a question exactly like this I don’t think, but feel free to point me somewhere else if it’s already been answered.

Hi @Caleb_Clausing,

Adam from Airtable here.

Interesting use case. I feel you are in good hands, as I was a park ranger before switching over to Airtable!

I made a short video for you here: Screen Recording 2021-05-10...

GUide to REGEX() functions: Guide to REGEX() functions – Airtable Support

Sorry to not have a more direct solution for you. Perhaps another community member will have an even better idea for you.

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