Finding and updating records

I would appreciate it if anyone could help with the following scenario

I have 2 tables, Table A is client lead table, Table B captures data from a form. when a clients answers are captured in Table B I need those answers to be updated for that client in Table A.

thanks in advance

Hi @Warren_Money and welcome to the community!

You could use an automation for this if the form created record has a unique value that is shared with the data in your client lead table (eg client id).

Trigger: when form is submitted
Action 1: find record in client lead table ("where client id from client lead table = client id in form submitted record)
Action 2: update record in client lead table for fields x, y, z with data from form submitted record

Thanks for replying to my question, for more clarity here is a link to a loom video where my wife attempts to set the automation up unsuccessfully.Loom video
if you could tell us where we are going wrong it would be greatly appreciated.


I think your wife is doing very good :slight_smile:

For the emailaddress, you’ll probably have to select it after clicking “continue”. Plus, make sure the record in your trigger step (“test ran succesfully”) actually has an emailaddress filled in.


The “list” option can’t be used to update records, only for, eg, sending an overview in an email.

The “record id” needed in your “update record” action, should be the record id from your “find record” action. It’s the record found in that step that you want to update.

Let me know if any of this helps!

ps: if everyone with a question would take the effort to make a video like this, the world would be a better place :wink:

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Thanks again for your effort, we will try thing and let you know how it goes.

Thank you so much, it worked!!! to quote my wife she says tell him " OMG he is amazing!"

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Haha, glad I could help :grin:

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