First time user, many questions. Relationships, start and end dates, etc


We have five associations that combine to form one large association.

I need to be able to search people by work site, association, title etc.

I also need to be able to start and end date and title for a person. Say a person is treasurer from 2018-2020 and also a committee chair from 2018-2020, then they are president from 2020-2022, what is the best way to go about this?

I will need to be able to pull data on who past/current presidents, treasurers, etc were not only by association, but sometimes will need to know all the currently held positions in the larger combined association.

Also, is it possible to make a sign in sheet form for board meetings that would tally the number of times a person signed into a meeting throughout the year? Maybe integrations are necessary for this?

I also need to keep track of donated and used days for a sick leave bank between all members.

I’ll add more questions as I think of them.

Thanks for any and all help!

Hi @John_Marvin - my recommended approach when starting a base from scratch is to think about the entities and associated data you want to track. Generally speaking, an entity will have its own table in the base. Just based on your note above, I think you might have entities such as

  • Associations - fields: name (address?, website? etc)
  • Members - fields: name, link to association (email, phone, address etc)
  • Positions - fields: position name, link to member, link to association, start year, end year

By keeping these as separate entities you can also record additional information in the right place (e.g. email, phone number on the member), but accessible in related places (lookup email address in the Positions table for easy access).

You might also have tables/entities for meetings (linked to association), donated days (linked to member).

Have a look in the Airtable docs for some initial pointers:

Feels like links and lookups might feature in your base, so these might be useful too:

Hope this helps. Post any further questions back to the community too.


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Thank you Jonathan. That is definitely some helpful insight into the direction I should be going.

Anybody have any insight on creating a sign in sheet for meetings that would tie into a persons record?