Formula with last symbols

Give me advice please how I can choose just the least sumbol in the cell. Or for example 5 least symbols.
Using look up I have many developments, but I want to have just the least one.

Assuming the “symbol” is 1 character in length, make a formula like this: RIGHT({Name of your field}, 1)

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Thanks! But how I know this formula works when we have a text, line. For example, I cannot make RIGHT({Name}, 3), but I can find RIGHT(“Name”, 3)

? RIGHT() should work for fields, including lookups. Can you post a screenshot of what your problem is?

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I cannot make a screenshot)
I have a column with 1 and zeros. I got them with lookup.
And from this cells I want to get the last number using RIGHT({Наличие в Холодильнике}, 1) formula. At the result it shows #ERROR :frowning:

Lookup fields create arrays, not strings, and RIGHT requires a string. To convert an array to a string, concatenate it with an empty string. Doing that combined with RIGHT gives you this, which should work:

RIGHT({Наличие в Холодильнике} & "", 1)

I can’t believe, it works! Thanks :heart_eyes: