Gannt chart and formula fields


I have a table where I have calculated dates using a formula so many days from another field. This is an if statement because there are different situations. I have used the datetime format so it is a date.

IF({Campaign Class}=‘Minor’,DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD( {Execution Start},-98,‘Days’), ‘DD/MM/YY’),IF({Campaign Class}=‘Small’,DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD( {Execution Start},-154,‘Days’), ‘DD/MM/YY’),IF({Campaign Class}=‘Medium’,DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD( {Execution Start},-210,‘Days’), ‘DD/MM/YY’),IF({Campaign Class}=‘Large’,DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD( {Execution Start},-238,‘Days’), ‘DD/MM/YY’),“TBA”))))

Issue us when I try and use this date to populate a gannt chart it says it is not recognizing this as a date.

Any ideas.

Thanks, Mark

The Gantt charge needs to have date objects. When you use DATETIME_FORMAT you have a date string.

Try removing DATETIME_FORMAT from your formula. You will also need to remove the "TBA" string at the end of your IF. When any portion of an IF function could return a string, the entire formula is considered to be a string.

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