Gantt block - add milestone


Didn’t find any topic about this so… :slight_smile: I need a new feature in Gantt view. Possibility to add milestone in the timeline. When a milestone is created in the timeline it draw a line in the Gantt playground. And if I could link milestone with a table it could rocks !

Like this I could create a milestones tables and then link it to a gant block. In the mean time I could link to the same Gantt block another table with my objectives.

Tks !


I would love to have this feature, as for now I am having to create a milestone group that is collapsed to show when these dates are but there is no line. I think this is fundamental to a Gantt view and would be an excellent addition to the Gantt block.

Fully agreed! Milestones are a key aspect of Gantt charts. If Airtable is wanting to peel off Gantt users from other dedicated Gantt programs, Milestones will be very necessary for our conversion.

Please add!!

I’m looking for this feature too.

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